Library Pipeline launches grassroots funding effort to support innovation in libraries

Library Pipeline‚Äôs Innovation Committee is launching a new, community-powered grant opportunity. Each month, we’ll give out $1000 USD to a project that suggests creative solutions, proposes a new way of thinking about library services, and supports underserved and diverse communities. Want to contribute or apply? Read on!

We’ve partnered with the Awesome Foundation to found an Innovation in Libraries chapter that will be the organizing hub of our efforts. A community of twenty “trustees” will give $50/month* each towards projects they deem worthy of support. Award recipients will put that $1000 towards their innovative projects and will be asked to report back publicly on what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned–as well as to make the results of their efforts openly available to others for reuse and remixing in communities across the world.

Before we can start funding projects, we need trustees! Apply now to join our 6 month pilot!

Information on how to apply for a monthly grant is coming soon. Stay tuned!


* We are also accepting a limited number of applications for sponsored trustee seats (i.e. trustees who participate in the grant selection process but are not required to contribute $50/month towards funding projects). For more information, email Robin at