State of Library Pipeline: January 2017

Library Pipeline entered 2017 with a renewed commitment to improving the library as an institution and librarianship as a profession. Over the past year, Library Pipeline has been powered by volunteers doing a lot of quiet work on exciting projects, as well as a fresh organizing strategy, a reorganized board and board chair, and a huge amount of passion from all.

Since we last checked in:

Pipeline is and always has been a “platform for projects”. We’re currently comprised of a group of librarians who are deeply passionate about changing our profession for the better, and who have founded pilot projects that attend to librarianship’s most pressing needs (as previously identified in each committee’s environmental scan).

Currently, we’re a small and nimble organization. We’re not an “official” 501c3 non-profit, and we may never be. We don’t have an operating budget, but we might not need one.

To be honest, we’re still working to articulate what Pipeline is–and we believe that this sense of uncertainty breeds opportunity.

If you’re a self-starter who shares our passion for improving librarianship for all and has a “bootstrap” mentality, we encourage you to join our ranks, lead a project, or even chair a committee!

In the coming months, the board will work to clarify and crystallize Pipeline’s mission and a short-term plan for the organization, with the most crucial guidance coming from our general membership. Depending upon the results of these efforts, a new organizing strategy may emerge. In the meantime, committees will continue to self-organize around projects set out in each group’s environmental scan. We’ll be recruiting new board members, too.

We’re also renewing our commitment to transparency. We’ll be updating this site soon to make information easier to access (including more updates to this blog), and we’ll more regularly be in contact with the general membership via the Library Pipeline Google Group.

If you’d like to know more about Library Pipeline, please contact the Board or follow us on Twitter (@librarypipeline).