About Library Pipeline

Strong libraries create better educated citizens and communities with stronger social ties.

Unfortunately, libraries’ current funding structures and the limited professional development options available to librarians make it difficult to introduce innovation at scale. So a group of leaders within library and information science (LIS) are creating a nonprofit, Library Pipeline, dedicated to supporting structural changes by providing opportunities, funding, and services that improve the library as an institution and librarianship as a profession.

Library Pipeline will be a platform for projects. We have prioritized four areas in which modest funding, paired with guidance and collaboration, should lead to significant improvements: professional development, strategic problem solving, innovation and startups, and publications.

Our fifth area is Library Pipeline itself, specifically its governance and sustainability. We are working to raise the funds we need in order to establish our 501(c)(3) status, which will enable us to begin turning our working documents into a strategic plan that establishes our structure and provides the foundation for our ongoing sustainability.