Governance and Sustainability

In our formative stages, we need to create governance structures that provide a foundation that promotes stability and growth. This includes fundraising, but it also involves creating and reviewing our strategic plan, as well as establishing the assessment metrics we need to have in place to ensure that we are fulfilling our commitment to libraries and the people who depend on them.

The Governance and Sustainability Committee will:

  • Put out a call for volunteers by early June 2015;
  • Select from among its members a chair and vice chair or, alternatively, co-chairs, along with a basic organizing and communication structure, by the middle of July 2015;
  • Review its charge and request that the Library Pipeline board make any necessary amendments by the end of July 2015;
  • Review Library Pipelines list of potential funders and establish a grant calendar and plan by the end of August 2015;
  • Work with the other committees in order to help create fundraising priorities and plans.

Library Pipeline Board Liaisons: Brett Bonfield

We are looking for volunteers to help us with this work. Please volunteer for this committee.