Innovation within LIS

We are inspired by incubators and accelerators and believe the library and information market, though mostly dormant, could support several dozen for-profit and nonprofit start-ups. We are committed to advising and either directly or indirectly funding library-related for-profit or nonprofit startups that have the potential to help libraries better serve their communities and constituents. We anticipate providing assistance with business plans and grant applications, as well as with networking, both in finding potential funders and partners, as well as developers, outreach specialists, technical writers, and others with domain expertise. We seek to gain insights on funding models and organizational management from successful LIS innovators, and to help disseminate those insights both to traditional organizations and startups.

The Innovation within LIS Committee has:

  • Published an Environmental Scan that identifies the greatest needs conducive to and opportunities for innovative activities within LIS; and
  • Launched a micro-funding initiative, which will provide a catalyst for prototyping both technical and non-technical library innovations that embody the principles of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and risk-taking. Grant opportunities coming soon.

Forthcoming projects include:

  • Creating basic budgets for the needs the group’s environmental scan has identified, and sharing its work with the Governance and Sustainability committee in order to help create fundraising priorities and plans, along with methods for assessing its effectiveness.

Committee Chairs: Stacy Konkiel (chair) and Joe Montibello (vice-chair)

Library Pipeline Board Liaison: Brett Bonfield

To learn more about this committee or to volunteer, please contact Stacy Konkiel at