LIS Publications

Librarianship will be stronger when its practitioners have as much interest in documenting and serving our own field as we have in supporting the other disciplines and communities we serve. For that to happen, our professional literature must become more compelling, substantive, and easier to access.

Library Pipeline will support existing open access journals, and restricted journals that wish to become open access, along with more traditional LIS publishers. We will also help promising writers and editors create new publications, publish position papers, and work with publications that are navigating the changing nature of communication. In addition, inspired by events like the Great Librarian Write-Out, we will host or promote events to encourage conversation about our field.

The LIS Publications Committee has:

Forthcoming projects include:

  • Creating basic budgets for the needs the Environmental Scan identifies, and sharing its work with the Governance and Sustainability committee in order to help create fundraising priorities and plans, along with methods for assessing its effectiveness.

Committee Chair: Lisa Gonzalez

Library Pipeline Board Liaisons: Emily Ford and Stacy Konkiel

To learn more about this Committee or to volunteer, please contact Lisa at