Green Open Access Working Group (GOAWG)

Mission Statement

The Library Pipeline Green Open Access Working Group is here to liberate the library literature.

Let us explain.

Despite the genuine desire by librarians to maximize access to information, much of our own professional writing is still published in toll-access journals. 91% of all content, by our count. This is not mere hypocrisy, far from it. Just as with scholars in other fields, academic librarian professional advancement remains tied to publication in particular journals. It is easier to fight for openness once you have tenure or its equivalent.

Fortunately, the solution is ready at hand. Self-archiving — posting the final approved manuscript in an institutional repository or general repository like Zenodo — is almost always permitted by library and information science (LIS) journals. LIS scholars really can have their cake and eat it too — publish in the leading journals, AND make that work available to any interested reader.

Join the GOAWG to help make this happen. We’re piloting a volunteer-led effort to scour the literature for excellent work, and — if it’s not already open — nudge the authors to self-archive it. We will provide tools to make this easy. The goal — better access to our own research — is what common to all of us. Come join the fun. Help make the world more open a little bit every single day.

How the GOAWG works

Helping to liberate the LIS literature is easy, and requires no more than 1-2 hours a month during the initial pilot.

Over a period of six months (through April 2017), volunteers will monitor LIS journals and, when toll-access articles are published, will contact authors to request that they self-archive their work in an OA repository.



For more information, contact Lisa Gonzalez <>.